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    ...can be thought of as symbolic forms of pilgrimage; people can walk the path, ascending toward salvation or enlightenment. Many people could not afford to travel to holy sites and lands, so labyrinths and prayer substituted for such travel. Later, the religious significance of labyrinths faded, and they served primarily for entertainment, though recently their spiritual aspect has seen a resurgence. Many newly made labyrinths exist today, in churches and parks. Labyrinths are used by modern mystics to help achieve a contemplative state. Walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus quiets his mind. The result is a relaxed mental attitude, free of internal dialog. This is a form of meditation. Many people believe that meditation has health benefits as well as spiritual benefits.
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South Florida Park Labyrinths

During COVID times I made quite a few grass labyrinths in public parks here in South Florida. I only got chewed out once because what I thought was a public park was owned by a rather crusty old man who seemed to enjoy yelling at me to keep off his grass.


My Newest Labyrinth

For the past few days I’ve been engaged in a very fun creative project. It’s a labyrinth for an off-Art Basel event in Wynwood, Miami. The other day I tested it out in our church basement. It is the first one that I’ve made from fake leaves. I’ll make the real installation on Dec 1. http://www.guerrillalabyrinths.com

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Labyrinth @ Mary Brandon Park – West Palm Beach

First of many labyrinths in my new hometown of West Palm Beach, FL. #ilovewpb #artswpb

Labyrinth at Mercer University

While in the USA recently we walked the new Chartres designed labyrinth at Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. Really well done. Congrats Mercer! @merceryou

Backyard Labyrinth

A good friend of mine, after buying a new house in North Georgia, invited me to help him build a labyrinth in his backyard. Voilá le résultat!



Second Labyrinth in Hochelaga, Montreal

I was happy to be asked to create a second labyrinth in the Hochelaga neighborhood of Montréal, Québec. About 6 years earlier I had made this one.





Labyrinth at Palm Beach Atlantic University

I was asked to create a labyrinth at Palm Beach Atlantic University (West Palm Beach, FL) for Exam Week….as a kind of stress-reliever. Not sure if many took advantage of it, but it looked pretty cool. (May 4, 2015)
IMG_9796 IMG_9871

New Labyrinth Design

Temple du Marais ParisThis week I designed a new labyrinth to fit this magnificent space: The Temple de Marais Church in Paris (see location). In September, as part of the Protestants en Fête Celebration, we’ll be able to create for the first time ever, a labyrinth under the dome for 2 full days.

The design is octagonal which allow us to use tape in straight pieces yet flowing well with the round room. It will have a large center of a metre and a half in diametre, allowing a place for a few people at a time to sit on pillows and chill. Around the outside, there will be three installations where the explorers will be invited to pause and interact in a specific way if they choose. On the tape we will draw rather abstractly with oil pastels to match the beautiful cloth painting already installed in the church.

Another aspect I like about this design is its lack of symmetry. I made some manipulations to the basic design to avoid reaching the three outer installations one after the other. An unsymmetrical labyrinth is less predictable and gives the explorer a greater sense of being lost.

So, voilà, here’s the initial design which is sure to undergo a few more changes. It is quite big and complex….and will take a lot of work. Anyone want to help?


Labyrinth in Square Maurice Gardette, Paris

My labyrinth in the Square Maurice Gardette (September 23-30 2012) as a part of the Génie des Jardins. A project which allows artists to create art installations in the parks of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, France.

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A little labyrinth for the wood fairies