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    ...can be thought of as symbolic forms of pilgrimage; people can walk the path, ascending toward salvation or enlightenment. Many people could not afford to travel to holy sites and lands, so labyrinths and prayer substituted for such travel. Later, the religious significance of labyrinths faded, and they served primarily for entertainment, though recently their spiritual aspect has seen a resurgence. Many newly made labyrinths exist today, in churches and parks. Labyrinths are used by modern mystics to help achieve a contemplative state. Walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus quiets his mind. The result is a relaxed mental attitude, free of internal dialog. This is a form of meditation. Many people believe that meditation has health benefits as well as spiritual benefits.
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My Labyrinth Projects:

Marais Labyrinth, Paris

Park Labyrinths, South Florida

Beach Labyrinths

Beach Labyrinth in Porto, Portugal beach near Porto, Portugal

Labyrinth at Palm Beach Atlantic University

A fun labyrinth as a stress reliever for exam week.Labyrinth at Palm Beach Atlantic University


Easter Labyrinths in Amsterdam

Over the Easter Weekend, along with several friends in Amsterdam, we created 3 pretty cool labyrinths with rope lights.






Square Maurice Gardette, Paris

My labyrinth in the Square Maurice Gardette (September 23-30 2012) as a part of the Génie des Jardins. A project which allows artists to create art installations in the parks of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, France. (see more pics)

A little labyrinth for the wood fairies

Two Light Labyrinths near St. Agrève, France

Labyrinth in the forest near Dourdan, France

Indoor Labyrinth in Düsseldorf

Labyrinths at the Buttes Chaumont, Paris

Two Grass Labyrinths in Virginia

Masking Tape Labyrinth in New Hampshire

more pictures

Snow Labyrinth New Hampshire

Classic 7-way Cretan labyrinth dug in snow (Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire)

Spiral Light Labyrinth

Double Spiral Labyrinth made from 10 Christmas Tree strings. (near the Mount Washington valley, New Hampshire)


LaChine Bike Path in Montréal

Labyrinth Project in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montréal

see more pics here

Amid the red clover in Point St. Charles

Classic Rock

see “making of” pics


I woke up at 6am on a Saturday to mow this labyrinth into a very prominent Montreal park.

Early Labyrinths from 2007

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I gave you a shout out on my post about labyrinths. Maybe you’ll get some more followers. 🙂

  2. Hi, I am looking to walk a labyrinth in Paris. Can you suggest any?

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